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It can be helpful to have a friendly face to talk to if you are feeling low, isolated or anxious about your pregnancy, childbirth, parenting or perhaps a previous pregnancy loss or painful memories about how you were parented.

Walking and talking together with your partner, a relative or a friend is a great way to find solutions to problems and maintain a healthy emotional outlet for stress, as well as giving you some fresh air and exercise. Joining a new group or chatting to a friend can also help to gently lift anxiety, mild depression or “post-baby blues”. Talking to someone rather than bottling up your feelings helps to put difficulties into perspective and avoid social isolation and depression.

If this does not help or you have no one who can listen to you without judging, you may like to consider counselling or befriending as a safe place to work through whatever is troubling you. It is not difficult to access help through Choices Counselling Service – just call us and we will arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible. You do not need a medical referral to access Choices Counselling Service, which is a confidential service provided by a team of professionally trained counsellors.

As well as offering counselling and practical support, Choices Counselling works in partnership with other organisations such as Homestart and Family Action, who can offer home visits and befriending support for parents with young children. We also work with children’s centres, women’s refuges and other organisations who can offer additional help if needed.

Don’t struggle on your own – find the help you need by contacting our Choices Counselling Administrator on 01298 213866 or by contacting one of the other helpful organisations listed below.

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About Us

As a Christian charity, we aim to provide caring, sensitive and non-judgmental services, motivated by the love of Christ and His compassion and care for those in need of hope and encouragement. We willingly offer support in full compliance with current Equality legislation.

Coronavirus Response

We live in very challenging times. Along with everyone, Choices counsellors are observing all government and medical advice. We are therefore unable to provide face-to-face counselling until restrictions are lifted.

However, our counsellors have received the necessary training to enable them to provide support by telephone or video link.

If you are in urgent need, please contact us and we will do our best to help.