Welcome to Choices Counselling

Choices Counselling Buxton Ltd is a local registered charity set up in Buxton in 2007. We provide professional counselling and other support for expectant mothers and families in need of emotional or practical help due to pregnancy or parenting difficulties.


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Our aims are:

  • to bring hope and comfort to those coming to terms with the loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage, termination or stillbirth.
  • to help and encourage parents to cherish their children and their family life.

Pregnancy brings a time of significant change and upheaval. For some, it brings much joy too, but for others it can be frightening or unsettling, especially if there are difficult family circumstances, health worries, mental illness concerns, or perhaps the loss of a pregnancy through a miscarriage, termination or a stillbirth.

As a Christian charity, we aim to provide caring, sensitive and non-judgmental services, motivated by the love of Christ and His compassion and care for those in need of hope and encouragement. We offer support whatever your age, ethnic background, faith, gender, sexual orientation, disability or circumstances.